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Genesis A series of 14-karat gold coated objects, engraved with the story of creation in both Hebrew and English. The first item from which the collection originated, is a vase which depicts the story of creation in its Orthodox-Jewish version. The curving of the lines form a Star of David at the center of the vase. A similar item followed, with the Catholic version of the same text, where the actual text topography creates the crucifix. The exceptional texture of the works is achieved by the unique interplay between matt and sparkling shapes of gold, and the eventual totems created by the text. The beginning of the text appears in strait lines, then shaped and curved as from the point of the creation of man. Ergo, the topography of the text is in a constant dialogue with its context. This complicated topography challenges the observer's ability to read the story fluently, thus representing the incoherence that frequently occurs in one's trial to trace a self narrative of becoming. Read more...

Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv 2008

Vered Art Gallery, Est hampton, NY 2008


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